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Finding Inspiration in Magical Animals

Zekamon is a magical creature that lives in the Himmapan Forest, who has always been in charge of the sanctuary and guarding the Himmapan Forest.

Our Story

Zekaverse is the simulation of heaven. First level is Catummaharajika or Shideoshuten in Japan, this level of Heaven is administer by Sakka and Indra.

Zekaland is one of the land in Zekaverse. Zekaland is surrounded by Himmapan Forest, the habitat of ZekaMon or a special animal that will protect the territory from all the demon and zombie. These demon and zombie are making a war with Zekaman (the creature on the Heaven) with the aim of taking all the love, faith, goodness and even resources from the Zekaland to their boss.

On Opensea coming soon 

Our Emoji

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