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Why zekaverse?

      In spite of the fact that the big company such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Adidas also some country such as Dubai and South Korea have been putting so much effort on developing the Metaverse. They be saying the same thing, they want to make the best out of Metaverse.

     They want to build the Metaverse in order to grow their business, 3D social media on Facebook, design the shoes for sell at Nike and Adidas, selling the glasses from Microsoft, or even build a digital reality of a Korea culture for culture sharing, acknowledging cultural diversity to people. We did a research on Metaverse. At this time, Metaverse is matter to the art world and human’s creativity. By making NFT art and connecting the technology to the society. We have seen that some properties seem so contradictory that it's already became commonplace.

     Metaverse - First of all, The world's finest art and culture was not built into Metaverse. Second of all, the group of people that love Metaverse are those people who live in the country that believed that culture and art are the selling point of the country.  And lastly, no one has ever truly invest on using the Eastern beautiful culture to create and build the Metaverse.

     But now let me tell you more about Zekaverse.

     Zekaverse is similar to some social media platform in the future that will slowly turning into 3D form. Zekaverse will creates the flow between business system, all of the data, and games. Asset owner will be able to use everything at the same time seamlessly. It is like simulating another world to be a multiverse, The digital world and the real world.  Zekaverse is a simulation of a beautiful and unique oriental culture, they connect the distance between people and help people to understand and live together happily, and most importantly, we also provide careers for people as well. 

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