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     Zekaverse consists of so many NFT. Example, ZekaLand , ZekaMan and ZekaMon. We will sell this by using the coin called Zeka. We will make an opportunity for everyone who wants to participate in creating the Zekaverse by using the fund raising method, selling all the NFT such as ZekaMon , ZekaMan and ZekaLand and also Zeka coin.  Zekaverse is the simulation of heaven. First level is Catummaharajika or Shideoshuten in Japan, this level of Heaven is administer by Sakka and Indra.
    Zekaland is one of the land in Zekaverse. Zekaland is surrounded by Himmapan Forest, the habitat of ZekaMon or a special animal that will protect the territory from all the demon and zombie. These demon and zombie are making a war with Zekaman (the creature on the Heaven) with the aim of taking all the love, faith, goodness and even resources from the Zekaland to their boss.
    Zekaverse will have a variety of avatar and various activities for you to enjoy, from ZekeMon, the special animal that be able to unleash so many types of power or ZekaMan that will increase the ability to farming, selling and finding items, doing the quest and also investing on owning ZekaLand. You also can build a house or a castle, a tourist attraction that contains oriental art, or you can use the designing services from ZaLa, it will help you plan out a very unique design for your house or castle.

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